Mitch T, Portland, USA - I attended several sessions where Laz gave readings.   It was clear to me that he has a special gift that allows him to tap into some source of universal knowledge and share insights not accessible to most people. Sometimes he would communicate with those who have passed on to impart messages to their loved ones. The experiences were always moving and left his listeners uplifted, or comforted, or better prepared to make the most of their journey through life. 

Maree R, Christchurch, New Zealand - Laz in the mountains on a crisp, clear, spring day in 2016 was the best and most amazing day of my life. 

My girl Andy had recently passed and had already connected with Laz who had seeked me out. Laz’s spirituality and connection with the "other side" initially overwhelmed me. It was like I was talking directly with my dear Andy and she was with me again. There was no doubt in my mind that Andy was present and communicating with me. Laz talked of my girl’s strong personality and huge capacity to love and how she had affected the lives of so many people. We were able to answer questions that Andy and I had shared between us.

Laz’s ability to to convey and express the  love from my sweetheart is a unique experience that leaves you wanting for more. His insight into the afterlife has helped me grieve as I was reassured that my girl was going to be ok. That in turn has helped me on my journey.

I feel a great privilege in having met Laz and to have him in my life. He is a very special person.

Thank you Laz for opening my mind and sharing your amazing gift with me. 

Susie D, Portland, USA - I have known Laz for over 20 years.  In my opinion, he is truly one of the best Intuitive Sensitives I have ever met.   During that time I have had the privilege of being part of several group sessions and many individual private sessions.  I have learned to respect and pay attention to his guides, as their accuracy has always been spot on.  When my three grandsons were quite small, I sent Laz pictures of them to see what he could see.  The boys are now 16, 20 and 22, and I marvel at how he saw their paths before they had even walked them.  Laz is a gentle, respectful man who you will find a delight to work with. 

Karin M, Munich, Germany - Laz has helped me tremendously getting over the loss of my husband in 1995. Him connecting with my deceased partner was very healing for me.

He also helped my friend Margot who had a creative crisis. Laz found out that issues with her mother were blocking her and that the problem would not be solved until her mother passed.

Abby S, Christchurch, New Zealand - I went to see Laz when I was going through a tough break up. There was something about meeting with him that put me at ease. It was incredible how much he connected with my feeling and even touched on my past relationship with my passed grandparents.’

Laz is very talented at what he does. I had never had a reading done before and I came away feeling more at peace with my situation. I would recommend Laz to anyone wanting some guidance or just a friendly face to talk to.

Rose C, Christchurch, New Zealand - I was introduced to Laz through my work and have kept in regular contact since. From a professional perspective Laz is very clear on his instructions and doesn't sway. Laz has a calm manner and is very understanding.
On a personal note Laz shows compassion with others and has the ability to connect on a soul level. Laz delivers above and beyond his call of duty with helping people from all over the world both professionally as well as personally. Displays total commitment and is highly regarded.

Sandra S, Perrysburg, USA After the loss of my husband, my dear friend Laz offered his ability to connect with his spirit and relay a message. Laz assured me of my husband's well-being and positive contributions in the after-life.  I received direct messages from my husband via Laz that were consoling, reassuring, and life-affirming.  Laz also relayed a message from a deceased nephew that provided clarity and comfort.  Laz has a special gift that he shares from a loving and caring heart.

John and Pam R, Napoleon, United States of America - I am excited that you are offering your services to the public as I believe you are truly gifted and I am certain that you have the ability to connect with the deceased. Your revelations of where my deceased son is now and his service to God and his fellow man was enlightening although not surprising to me and my wife knowing our son’s personality and his total goodness. Thank you for taking the time with us and I wish you success and happiness with your new venture."