About Laz

Ever since quite young I would get feelings, receive messages and at times see energies that could be quite confusing.  As I got older messages would come to me about people whom may be walking past me at the shopping mall, in airports, hospitals or other places.

Later I started getting messages when looking at photographs of people either living or dead.  The messages were like telepathy and sometimes I would see images as well including past memories that the person held from their current life or past lives.  It was like I was literally tapping into the energy of that Soul I was looking at or at times that Soul's Friends in Spirit such as guides or Soul Friends who were talking to me.  Often these Soul Friends asked me to convey messages to the individual asking me about the person in the photograph, about themselves or others.

In order for me to connect with a particular subject in the photograph it was always necessary that I could see the eyes of the subject.

Photographs with subjects who were wearing sunglasses or I couldn't clearly look into the eyes of the person were of no help. I must see the eyes of the person in the photograph in order to connect with their Soul or Soul Friends.

Sometimes, seeing a photograph is required and then often I will feel a tap on my right-hand shoulder and hear a whisper and a message that sometimes says, "You can hear me. I've been waiting a long time to talk with this person. Could you please pass a message onto him or her for me?"

You may want to know that the Soul and Soul Friends won't speak to me unless the living person is open to hearing messages from Spirit.  Those who don't believe in life after death or aren't comfortable hearing from loved ones in Spirit generally aren't people whom I can help.

I have worked with people all over the world. Take a look at what others have to say about meeting me and how I helped them.

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